sexta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2007

The Hollow Grounds-Francois and Luc Schuiten- resenha em inglês

The Hollow Grounds-Francois and Luc Schuiten, Humanoids - Rebellion 192 pg

This handsome trade paperback reunites three graphic novels that comprise the Hollow Grounds cycle.Worth mention is the excellent arguments by his brother Luc Schuiten.

Carapaces - Actually a collection of six stories that displays Schuiten's versatility, experimenting with a series of techniques.

Zara - Zara is a vertical planet inhabited entirely by women that never experimented "conventional" sex with men. After the arrival
of invaders with "vines" below their waists, things take a bizarre and often amusing turn. Zara is a marvelous blend of satire, adventure and science fiction that should appeal for fans of trippy european comics.

Nogegon - Another baroque and wild adventure.This time a character from Zara goes in search of a missing friend and becomes embroiled in a plot involving symmetry and murder.

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