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Unholy Dimensions-Jeffrey Thomas- Resenha em inglês

Jeffrey Thomas is the renowed author of the imaginative Punktown, but he is an equally imaginative if not wholly original purveyor of Lovecraftean fiction.I'm not an enthusiast of contemporary mythos fiction but Jeffrey's stories are well crafted, polished and highly entertaining.The poems didn't do much for me but all the stories, even the lesser ones, are enjoyable. My personal favorites are the Punktownean/Lovecraftean/Derlethean
stories presenting investigator John Bell (Bones of the Old Ones, Avatars of the Old Ones), Cellar Gods, The Corpse Candles, Out of the Belly of Sheol and Servitors.
Writers like Jeffrey Thomas and W.H Pugmire proves that is possible to write contemporary mythos fiction in polished, simple, accessible prose peppered with a modern sensibility.
Recomended for those who enjoy well written weird fiction.


Bones of the Old Ones ================== *****
Avatars of the Old Ones ================ ****1/2
Young of the Old Ones ================== ***1/2
Red Glass ============================== ****
I Married a Shoggoth =================== ****
The Ice Ship =========================== -
The Servitor =========================== ****
The Conglomerate ======================= ***1/2
Book Worm ============================== ****
Through Obscure Glass ================== ****
Servitors ============================== ****1/2
The Doom in the Room =================== ***1/2
Out of the Belly of Sheol ============== ****1/2
Ascending to Hell ====================== -
The Third Eye ========================== ****
The Face of Baphomet =================== ****
Cells ================================== ****
The House on the Plain ================= ***
The Fourth Utterance =================== ****
The Writing on the Wall ================ **/2
The Corpse Candles ===================== ****1/2
Yoo-Hoo Cthulhu ======================== -
Lost Soul ============================== ***1/2
Pazuzu's Children ====================== ****
What Washes Ashore ===================== ****
The Cellar Gods ======================== *****

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