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Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales-Resenha de livro

The invisibility of Norman Partridge among fans of horror and dark fiction is difficult to understand. He is the most underrrated writer of the 90's and the most original voice since Thomas Ligotti.
Partridge's fiction is often compared to that of Joe Lansdale.They share a love of drive-in movies, old west mythology and similar stuff, but when comes to approach and style they are poles apart and in my opinion his short stories are superior to that of Lansdale.
Partridge's prose is richly textured and the facility with which he blends genres and handle different styles borders on the scary.
The quality of Partridge's short fiction is remarkable high and even his lesser pieces are far superior to the majority of dark fiction being published today.
The expanded MR FOX AND OTHER FERAL TALES isn't Partridge's best collection (Bad Intentions and The Man With the Barbed-Wire Fists are slightly superior) but it displays his immense range: from weird dark suspense (The Entourage) to subtle ghost stories (Vessels, Sandprints), delightful juveniles (Velvet Fangs), weird western (!Cuidado!), pop culture and media (The Beauty, Like the Night, Save the Last Dance for Me) and unclassifiable pieces ( Mr Fox). I could go on and on...
For those who apreciate literate dark fiction Partridge is the writer.


Mr Fox ==================================== *****
The Baddest Son of a Bitch in the House === ****
Black Leather Kites =======================
Save the Last Dance For Me ================ ****
Sandprint ================================= ****
Vessels =================================== ****
In Beauty, Like the Night ================= *****
The Body Bags =============================
Cosmos ==================================== **
Stackalee ================================= ****
Tooth & Nail ============================== ****1/2
The Entourage ============================= ****
Kiss of Death ============================= **
Treats ==================================== ****
Velvet Fangs ============================== ****
!Cuidado! ================================= ****1/2
When the Fruit Comes Ripe ================= **1/2
Walkers =================================== **
The Season of Giving ====================== *****

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