sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2009

The Fungal Stain And Other Dreams-Resenha de livro

Pugmire's short and flash fiction is one of the
most atmospheric, poetic and literate being published today.
His highly sensitive stories are "mystical" journeys 
through emotional, psychological and spirituals 
landscapes that leaves a deep and lasting
impression on readers.
Expertly mixing elements of 19th century decadent 
literature, classic horror authors like Henry James, 
vintage lovecraftean weird fiction, goth/punk 
subculture and modern angst, Pugmire's work is one
of the most idiosyncratic and original of the last fifteen 
Pieces like The Hour of Their Appetite, Jigsaw Boy and
The Sign That Sets the Darkness Free are beautiful poetical
short-shorts of existencial anguish and gentle nihilism,
while the femme fatale short story The Fungal Stain
is an accomplished and wholly original mix 
of aesthetic decadence with elements of classic, traditional 
weird fiction.
If you like your weird fiction with a poetical bent, gentle 
obfuscation, sly humour and a decadent sensibiliby, 
do yourself a favor and read Mr. Pugmire.

Cotação: ***** de *****

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