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Moonchasers and other stories-Resenha de coleção

Ed Gorman is the most underrated writer of the last 20 years.
Although admired by writers like Dean Koontz, Gorman's work is leagues apart from the formula and routine of ultra commercial stuff of King's clones.He is an extraordinarily prolific romancist but his best work can be found in the short story form.
Although Gorman is an american original his influences can be traced.
His deceptively simple style is a highly original blend of
Bradbury's poetry and nostalgia, Rod Serling's Twilight Zone humanism, King's local colour, the raw nihilistic energy of classic hardboiled writers like Dashiell Hammet and Mickey Spillaine and the "Gorman touch". His plots are tight but his real strenght resides in his masterful characterizations; Gorman's characters are common people "trying to strike a kind of weary bargain with the world", in his own words.
All Gorman's collections are uniformly excellent but I think that Moonchasers and Other Stories is the most eccletic and representative of his short works.The title novella is a little masterpiece of nostalgia, not unlike Bradbury's short works of 40's and 50's and King's novella The Body.
Ed Gorman is a master of the form and deserves a major audience.


Moonchasers ============================ *****
Turn Away ============================== ****
Seasons of the Heart =================== ***1/2
En Famille ============================= ****1/2
Mother Darkness ======================== ****
The Beast in the Woods ================= ****1/2
One of Those Days, One of Those Nights = ****
Surrogate ============================== ***1/2
The Reason Why ========================= ****1/2
The Ugly File ========================== ****1/2
Friends ================================ **1/2
Bless us O Lord ======================== ****
Stalker ================================ *****
The Wind from Midnight ================= ***1/2
Prisoners ============================== ****1/2
Render Unto Caesar ===================== ****
Out There in the Darkness ============== *****

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